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Dead Earnest originally started out as a touring theatre company with a particular focus on European theatre, and historical based new writing. 


We now create performances for audiences in a variety of different ways. For example we make new theatre pieces for large national conferences to focus the audience on the key subject of the day. 


We write individual scripts for each event as we believe it is vital to engage specifically with each particular audience. We can create a play that is designed to highlight key isses, set the scene for the day, or offer a welcome break from power point presentations. 


We also respond to research and academic teaching, creating theatre that explores new thinking and ideas. With academics and researchers, we collaborate together, creating work that has a shared vision.


With a large pool of local, associate actors and a history of writing and performing original pieces, we regularly receive feeback that our plays are the highlight of an event.


'Thank God for companies like Dead Earnest'

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