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Combined Arts Projects

Our work often uses a variety of arts practises whether it be music, visual arts, sculpture, circus, or literary arts. We have great connections and relationships with arts practitioners with particular expertises and often combine our skills to develop programmes of work. 

'It has been amazing to be creative and artistic and realise that I can do things I never knew I could! I loved the whole experience and the staff were so lovely and supportive. Thank you!'
Creative Sparks is our large scale combined arts project which utilises a range of arts practises in a unique way. In the bustling centre of Sheffield and around various other locations across the city, we set up a range of exciting, interesting and interactive activities to help to change the young children’s perceptions of public space in a positive way.

Activities such as art and crafts, movement, drama and detective work help children see their habitat differently allowi
ng them to really connect with their environment.  You regularly see children charging around a park having fun but how often do you see them really look closely at everything around them? That’s what Creative Sparks is all about; helping the children connect with their world.

It has now reached over 1000 children and has a bank of over 200 activities sparking creative ideas, filling the public space with colour, energy and ideas. The children have a fantastic time; they are playful but they also claim a share of the space they are in.
We also take our fabulous creative activities to festivals. We recently ran an interactive trail at the Troll Festival, led by ROAR in Rotherham. Participants got to try their hand at making flower crowns, clay modelling, story telling and dance. SO MUCH FUN!

'10 out of 10. It wasn't good, it was fantastic!' Participant

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