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Third Sector

Here at Dead Earnest, we understand the challenges faced by charities, the voluntary sector and social enterprises.


Not only do organisations in this sector often work in very demanding environments, but they often have to face the inevitable challenges on time, money and skills that come from such a volunteer based workforce.


We can help organisations in this sector in a range of diferent ways. We can assist their great work and their workers. We can help organisations get to the real heart of an issue, such as how to deal with difficult situations with service users or how to get the best out of volunteers. We can craft workshops to help air views; we can help the development of staff and volunteers to make sure they are giving the best service possible. We can even help to bring service users and the sector workers together, to find solutions to the very individuals problems faced by everyone involved. 


In the past, we've worked with NAVCA to create a  number of scenes that were performed at their national conference, alongside speakers from organisations such as Oxfam and Carnegie.


"The theatre production was an excellent way of portraying real life experiences. Perhaps they could put one on for the government!” – Delegate


Organisations with whom we've worked include  Green Estate, Ashfield Links Forum, and Voluntary Action Sheffield, Extinction Rebellion, Disability Network.



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