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At Dead Earnest, we feel that we can make a positive impact within the Health Sector. We have a well established track record of delivering high quality work with a vast range of organisations in the sector, having delivered approximately 40 health related projects. Clients include The General Medical Council, NHS England, Macmillan Cancer, Mind, MS Society, and Breast Cancer Care to name just a few.

Lettty Butler, Thaba's Story, Short Film. Credit: Brett Chapman


We work with patients, families, carers and health care professionals using the arts to promote well-being, open up conversations and deliver exciting and innovative training. We do this in a variety of ways, whether it be through providing role play environments for trainee doctors, to producing bespoke theatre pieces to encourage debate and reflection about work practise within the NHS. We also write and produce commissioned films which explore health related themes.

We create safe and comfortable environments in which people can rehearse new strategies for coping with all the challenges ill health can present. We create forums where service users and professionals can air their views and discuss resolutions. We build accurate and engaging environments where medical staff can discuss the best ways of treating their patients. We find ways for service users to share their experience to improve health care provision.

"Your ability to create a safe and friendly space, which enabled a large group of people of very differing backgrounds to engage, contribute and feel valued, was extraordinary. Your energy and focus made the whole day work”

Dr James Munro, Patient Opinion

We are always determined to create work that is authentic and representative. In order to achieve this, we carry out thorough research and listen to and record people's stories and experiences with care.  When writing a new script, the consultation process is a key part of the process and ensures that we make  theatre and films that portray a truthful message. 

'A powerful piece of drama, compassionate and compelling'

Eithne Cullen, Breast Cancer Voices

We also provide drama workshops for service users. Our approach is flexible and supports the needs of participants. We enjoy delivering projects and workshops with children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and people with mental health problems. We work from the premise that we all have the capabilities to be creative, and that the process of creativity improves self esteem and confidence, not to mention being loads of fun!


"The drama workshops were better and more effective for me and my well being than any medicine or counselling I've ever had"  Participant


Our extensive experience and feedback from work within the Health sector clearly shows that the arts is a powerful medium that can benefit all types of stakeholders.

For more information about some of the projects that we have delivered that are Health related, please explore our Projects Page

Space for Sharing 2_edited.jpg

Rehearsal: Original Cast, Space for Sharing
A play about living with Breast Cancer

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