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I can’t tell you how happy I am with how these have turned out. I was nervous as I started watch as it felt like a massive challenge for us all to produce something that got across some of the subtle things that came out of the research in a way that was both clear to the person watching it while also not too in your face. These have really exceeded my expectations. Thank you to you and the rest of the actors and production team for doing such a good job.

We are writing to express our gratitude to Charlie at Dead Earnest and Brett at Brett in the City. We
started working with Charlie and Brett in 2020 to develop two films. We had conducted some
research and wanted to create films that summarised our findings and could be used in training for
student and practicing social workers.
We shared our broad ideas with Charlie who grasped very quickly what we needed and the kind of
messages we were trying to convey. From that point on Charlie made everything so easy for us! She
developed the scripts, employed the actors, and introduced us to filmmaker, Brett.
Charlie shared the scripts with us several time and gave us time to share them with our co-
researchers to ensure they properly represented the findings from our research. She responded to
feedback and made changes when we suggested them. Charlie and Brett also recognised our
commitment to representation in the films and working with actors with disabilities. Charlie
developed the scripts with the needs of the actors in mind and ensured they were accessible.
In addition to producing excellent, moving scripts Charlie, Brett, the actors, and crew also had to
ensure the filming was COVID safe and compliant with the rules at the time. Not an easy task at all.
However, they did it always prioritizing the safety of actors and the crew. It is a testament to their
hard work that they achieved this in such a timely manner during such a difficult time.
The end products are wonderful! We are so pleased with them and have received lots of positive
feedback. The main, and most heartening being, that the films are authentic. The do not stray into
cliché but remain believable and real.
Thank you to Charlie, Brett, their crew, and the actors who exceeded our expectations, went above
and beyond, and produced a highly useful resource all in the midst of a pandemic!

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