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Dead Earnest is an Applied Theatre company and registered charity, based in Sheffield. It was set up in 1993 and has delivered touring shows, commissioned performances and creative projects in South Yorkshire and across the UK ever since.

We have a long and successful record of collaborating with organisations in the public, voluntary and community sectors and work from the ethos that theatre has the power to inspire, motivate and ultimately transform peoples' lives. We have a client centred approach where we adapt to people's needs whilst coming up with creative and exciting work in a collaborative manner.


We regularly use Forum theatre in our practise and most often deliver shows and training with health and medical organisations, schools and universities and with other charities. The team at Dead Earnest always strive to work with enthusiasm, commitment and care, with the belief that theatre and the arts can and does make positive change.


We aim to do something different -  something original and creative for our audiences and participants. Take a look around; discover what Dead Earnest can do for you.

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